Friday, July 30, 2010

AIC: European Galleries [Auguste Preault - Le Silence]

Le Silence..
By Auguste Preault, French [1809-1879]
Plaster /1842-43..
AIC: European Galleries..

The marker reads..
The rounded known as Le Silence was created for the tomb of Jacob Robles [1782-1842] in the Jewish section of the Parisian cemetery, Pere-Lachoise. Abandoning traditional funerary imagery, Auguste Preault fashioned an enigmatic and mysterious evocation of death in the skeletal face which is shrouded in drapery with a finger touching the lips. In part he image drew upon the traditional monastic symbol for silence in the cloisters, but here the sculptor also conveys a sense of ambiguity by leaving open whether the figure is living or dead. When Prenalt exhibited a bronze cast of Le Silence in 1849, it was hailed as "one of the representative works of modern art" and became an icon of Romanticism..

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  1. Silence is a true friend who never betrays. See the link below for more info.